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Other Services


As part of the supply chain services we can offer safe and reliable warehouses , through Israel, for all kind of commodities. 


You can choose a wide variety of methods to distribute your products and services

Direct distribution methods include your providing your products and services directly to your customer.


The company provides land transport services throughout Israel.

All trucks are equipped with GPS systems, which guarantee that the movements of all trucks are monitored in real-time.

One of the additional services provided in the area of land transports is the issuing of a POD for every shipment.


Insurance As an exporter/importer, you undoubtedly insure your company's import and export shipments, and you certainly know how long it takes to handle insurance claims.

Our skill and strength provides us with economy of size and preference in terms of the insurance rates we are able to obtain.

Land Passages

Caspi is the leading company in providing logistics solutions between Israel and the Arab countries in general, and between Israel and Jordan in particular.

Our company has a dedicated department handling import and export shipments via the border crossings, which provides transshipment services for containers to and from Israel's ports via the land border crossings, as well as transshipment services via Jordan to the Gulf States.

Our company has independent offices at the border crossings: at the Hussein Bridge (the Jordan River), Nitzana Crossing and at the Arabah border crossing.

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